Family Devotions, 1st - 4th Grade - Taking Care of God's Stuff

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Family Devotions, 1st - 4th Grade - Taking Care of God's Stuff

Post by PastorDan on Mon Jul 11, 2016 10:44 pm

FOR STARTERS: Have each family member share his answers to the questions, “During the week, what is your most fun job to do? What is your least favorite job to do?” How do these jobs have anything to do with our responsibility of taking care of the Creator’s stuff?

READ THE BIBLE: Genesis 1:28-29

KEY VERSE: : 1 Corinthians 10:26: “Certainly, ‘The earth is the Lord’s and everything it contains is his.’”

TALK ABOUT IT: Help your children understand that God loves us and gave us a world to provide for our needs. He gave us the responsibility for taking care of his creation, not to use and abuse it.

What has God given us to provide for our lives? (All that is made.) Who does the Bible say is in charge of this creation? (We are.) Who does this creation belong to? (God.) Can you think of different ways to take care of God’s stuff? (Don’t litter, be nice to animals, take care of pets, recycle, and conserve electricity. Ask the children to think of others.)

PRAYER POWER: Thank God for giving Jesus as our Savior. Through him, we have forgiveness of our sins when we fail to take good care of the Creator’s stuff. Also through Jesus, we have the power to wisely take care of the Creator’s stuff. Pray for the areas your family can do a better job in taking care of God’s creation.

Family Time Option
One day this week, try…
Plan a family outing to walk around a park or roadside and pick up litter. Invite neighbors and clean up an even bigger area. Take trash sacks to collect the garbage. Have a contest to see who can collect the most.

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