Solving the problems of church in a post-program era

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Solving the problems of church in a post-program era

Post by PastorDan on Tue May 03, 2016 8:44 pm

Read this article please, and let's discuss it.


In the program model of church, you just offer a wide array of programs to meet the felt needs of each kind of person in your congregation.

If we move beyond the program model, what does "engagement" look like? How do we measure effectiveness if people are doing their ministry all over the place but it isn't observable directly where the church gathers?

Also, he references this article which you should also read, as it will help inform this conversation.

Some of my thoughts:
1 - Notice the theme of Witness, Mercy, and Life Together? I was happy.
2 - Notice how closely these authors are mirroring what we are saying about Home-Centered, Church Supported ministry.
3 - I quite liked this: "Members are not less committed, they are over-committed." Oh how I want us to address this..

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